Workouts to Do at Home

No equipment required!

At a time when keeping active is even more important to stay physically and mentally well, our fitness experts have created some workouts for you to do at home, either inside or outdoors.


Workout at home with the Places Locker App

Our fitness teams have added 5 brand new Workouts of the Week into the Places Locker app, all of which can be done from home so that you’ll have loads to keep you active over the coming weeks. There’s a great variety of workouts, focussing on Core, Strength, Cardio and Stretch to work all areas of your body. And the ‘Keep Moving’ workout is designed specifically for older adults so there’s something for everyone who’s stuck at home!

Don’t forget to warm up before you begin a workout and cool down at the end to relax, improve flexibility and slow your heart rate. You’ll find examples of these in our app too.

Les Mills home workouts

In addition, our fitness partner, Les Mills has generously allowed us to give you exclusive access to 85 free workouts. So, if you’re missing your regular Les Mills classes, don’t despair - do them at home!

There’s high intensity interval training, dance fitness workouts, the martial arts inspired BODYCOMBAT Invincible program through to mindfulness practices to slow the stream of thoughts that can cause our stress. The BORN TO MOVE children's workouts will get everyone from 4 to 16 years moving, and the post-partum series will help new mothers get back to exercise safely.

You can access the Les Mills classes, as well as our own Workouts of the Week directly via our FREE Places Locker app – simply download it from the App store​ or Google Play if you don’t have it already. If you’re a member, don’t forget to use the same email address to link it to your account and capture your Moves.

Places Locker also has an inbuilt GPS activity tracker so if you are able to get out and about, you can record and track your walking, running and cycling activities too.

No equipment required!

Of course you don’t need to follow our routines – do what works for you with the equipment you and space you have available! You can create your own resistance kit with a tin of baked beans or a drinks container with a good handle (like a milk carton) to replace dumbbells or kettle bells. Then gently increase the weight by adding more liquid or increasing the size of the container, 2 pints, 4 pints, 6 pints etc as you build your strength. Work that torso too by sitting on the floor and completing Russian twists with your drink cartons.

Body weight exercises can be done virtually anywhere. Stairs can be useful for a bums, legs and core workout, chairs for tricep dips, incline press ups can be done around the home using a table, bed, chair or even a wall. You can also complete some wall sits with your back against the wall and legs at 90- degrees. Your only limit is your imagination!

So even though you can’t get to our centres, we’re pleased to still be able to support you to keep your Moves up at home until you can return to your usual gym, swim or class routine.

And remember, we always like to hear what our customers are up to so please share your home workout with us on our social media channels. Stay active at home – and stay well!