Zoggs stocking fillers

Top 5 best picks for Christmas!

So it’s that time of year, tackling busy shopping centres and supermarkets for those perfect Christmas presents! What if you didn’t have to take on the shopping centre crowds and could find the perfect present when you are taking your little ones for their weekly swimming lessons or heading for your swim session? These are our top 5 Zoggs stocking fillers to get your hands on at your local centre this Christmas!

DC Super Heroes Dive Toys

Taking the famous Zoggy Dive Sticks and Dive Rings, Zoggs have created a new series of Dive Toys taking on the form of favourite Superheroes: Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman! As a ‘throw and retrieve’ game it is great fun for the whole family. Who wouldn’t want to rescue a superhero? These are perfect for building little ones’ confidence in the water and can be used at your local centre, in a paddling pool or take them on holiday for some family pool time fun.

Ultima Air Titanium Goggles

Part of our air family range, the Ultima Air combines great style and comfort. Key to this goggle is the air filled gasket made from high quality silicone. It provides a cushioned seal significantly reducing markings around the eyes - no Panda Eyes! With built in anti-fog and UV protection also featured in the Ultima Air, it is a great goggle whether you are doing a few lengths on holiday or swimming on a weekly basis.

Water Wings Vest

These vests are great for the little ones that want to build their confidence and develop their swim stroke. The fixed buoyancy places them in a natural swimming position. The foam is strategically sewn into the arms and shoulders to provide arm movement allowing them to develop their swim stroke and improve their overall technique. With hook and loop fastenings and a zip at the back of the vest it holds it in place for the entire swim so your little one can enjoy their swim and build their confidence in comfort. Available in several different designs including Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman they will be swimming like a superhero in no time!

Ecolast Swimwear

Made using fishing nets (rescued from the Ocean), carpets and industrial waste (rescued from landfill) Ecolast is great if you are looking to be a little eco-friendlier this Christmas! With Women, Men and Junior styles, there is one for every member of the family! On top of this, Ecolast has proven to last up to 15 times longer than generic swimwear fabrics. So fancy taking the first step to an Eco-Christmas this year?


Looking to change up the gym routine in the new year? The Zoggs Kickboard is an essential piece of equipment for those swimmers that are looking to take on some swim training. A kickboard is great to isolate and work your legs. Hold the kickboard out in front of you resting your lower arms and elbows on the kickboard and power up and take on the lanes! Need a harder workout? Turn the Kickboard vertical to increase the drag of the causing the leg muscles to work harder. As an essential part of your swim kit this is a Christmas must have!

With our top 5 picks what are you waiting for? Head to your local centre to check out the amazing Zoggs range with some unmissable offers available today! From Zoggs and Places Leisure… Have a very Merry Christmas!


Suzie Forbes - Zoggs