Titans Players test our NEW cycling class

Titans Players test our NEW cycling class

Three of the Titans Community Foundation players tested out a new Cycling class called ‘The Trip’ at our Place this week.

Jamie Cooke, Gus Defelitto and Alfie North took part in a 45 minute immersive workout in the new studio at the Centre, one of only 8 in the Country. They climbed glaciers and mountains, sprinted across futuristic landscapes and space age cities, and sweated... A lot!

Will they be going again for a second mystery trip on a bike?

They all said it was a good cardio workout, with a difference, so maybe you’ll see them around the Centre!

If you want to try this new spin class, give us a call on 0114 294 2580 for more information or to book.

Click HERE to watch the video