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NCSEM & NHS at Graves

Sheffield Saver Plus Card

Save 30% on casual swimming, gym & fitness classes

Decathlon Partnership

5-Day Workout Guide For Weight Loss

5-Day Workout Guide For Strength Training

Virtual Cycling Review

Group Cycling with stabilisers

Our Health & Wellbeing Outreach Success

Keep active, keep youthful

Activities to keep you feeling great!

Virtual Cycling - Review

One of our newest employees reviews one of our newest classes

Buggy Workout Is Back

Starting 8th January

Want to work out but don't want to be left red faced?

Try some of our best low-intensity workouts

The higher the intensity, the faster the results!

The work-out craze taking the world by storm

Brand New Classes At Our Place


Swimming Timetable

Sheffield Saver Plus Card

Save 30% on casual swimming, gym & fitness classes

Health Benefits Of Swimming

Discover why swimming is the sport for you

Work Out At Our Places Wellness Studio Together

8 Reasons why working out with your buddy is better.

Adult & Child Swimming Lesson Places Available Now

Get active in the water with your little ones

What are the benefits of being on our swimming lesson programme?

Swimming For Recovery

How this sport could help you keep active after injury

SWIMTAG: Putting the KNOWLEDGE into the TechKNOWLEDGEy.


Learn more about our health scheme

Adult Swimming Lessons

Discover why swimming is for you

Free Swimming For Children Under 8 Years Old

Get active, as a family