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Personal training isn’t just for celebrities, everyone can benefit from some extra motivation. 

You might have a particular event or goal or you may just want a bit of extra encouragement during your session. Our trainers have different specialisms but are all focused on supporting you through fun and engaging sessions.  Ask a member of the team for more details or call us on 0203 225 5460.

Meet the PT's

Dawn Dexter

"Always set yourself a goal! It doesn’t matter how big or small, you just
Need something to motivate you.”

Do what you enjoy. But remember to change your routine regularly so you don’t get bored. If like me you enjoy weights, try Body Pump for a change.

Matthew Johnson

“It takes hard work, dedication and the vision of succeeding to reach your fitness goals.”

Body building. Martial arts. Strength and conditioning. Weight loss. Weight gain.

Harry Lee

“Work hard, enjoy life.”

Weight loss. Body shaping. Building muscle mass. Sport specific training. Adapting to clients needs and goals, mixing hard work with enjoyable workouts.

Claire Campbell

“Fitness is here to be enjoyed! Fitness provides us with the ability to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.”

Functional Movement Patterns, Body Toning, Weight Training, Group training Sessions.

Lukas Michaleides

“Don't count the days, make the days count”

Bodyweight functional training. Core strength development. Weight management. Postural assessments & corrections.TRX. Boxing.

Milena Tarnawska

“You only get out of it as much as you put into it.”

By promoting all kinds of body shapes and all body images I try to
focus on the physical as well as mental health in particular, as these
tend to be forgotten put behind body perfection.

Ross Hutchings

“'I believe everyone has the ability to reach their goals. Sometimes you just need to be shown the way'”

Strength & Conditioning, HIIT, Muscle building and Endurance, Kettle bell specialist.

Mykal Cook

“The human body is an amazing piece of kit when conditioned properly and I know what can be achieved with structured training”

Boxing - pad work and fitness, Strength and Conditioning at loss and tone.

Use the Places Locker app during a Personal Training session and reach your goals faster

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