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We offer the following Craft courses:

Making Clothes

This course is designed for students to use commercial patterns and adapt them to fit. All the basic techniques of dressmaking are taught with students being given some individual attention. If you are a beginner then the first class should be used for consulting the tutor on choice of pattern, fabric and equipment needed.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MC104 Tues 9.30-12.00 7-Sep 7-Dec 27-Oct £145.00
MC204 Tues 9.30-12.00 11-Jan 29-Mar 15-Feb £123.00
MC304 Tues 9.30-12.00 19-Apr 12-Jul 31-May £135.00
MC105 Wed 9.30-12.00 8-Sep 8-Dec 27-Oct £145.00
MC205 Wed 9.30-12.00 12-Jan 30-Mar 16-Feb £123.00
MC305 Wed 9.30-12.00 20-Apr 13-Jul 1-Jun £135.00


Course Code Day Time Course Dates Fee
MC103 Sat 10.00-12.30 11-Sep, 25-Sep, 9-Oct,
23 Oct, 6-Nov, 20-Nov
MC203 Sat 10.00-12.30 8-Jan, 22-Jan, 5-Feb,
19-Feb, 5-Mar, 19-Mar
MC303 Sat 10.00-12.30 30-Apr, 14-May, 28-May,
18-Jun, 2-Jul, 16-Jul


Get to Know Your Sewing Machine
Course Details
Course Code Day Time Date Fee
MC106 Sat 10.00-12.30 4-Dec £26.00
MC206 Sat 10.00-12.30 2-Apr £26.00


Patchwork and Quilting

Come and join a friendly and supportive group while learning the skills and techniques of making beautiful patchwork quilts for your family, home and friends. We will cover colour and design techniques, fabric choice, and cutting, piecing, quilting and finishing techniques using both hand and machine, all at your own pace. Your teacher, Sue, has many years of teaching experience and will nurture your skills and help you achieve more than you hoped. If a full sized quilt seems too much then start by making a cot quilt, or perhaps a miniature quilt, a set of table mats or a throw for the lounge. Or, if you really want a challenge then go for gold with competition work. Either way, or anywhere in between there will be lots of advice and warm support. Your family and friends will be amazed at what you can do.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MC100 Mon 9.30-12.00 6-Sep 6-Dec 25-Oct £145.00
MC200 Mon 9.30-12.00 10-Jan 28-Mar 14-Feb £123.00
MC300 Mon 9.30-12.00 25-Apr 18-Jul 2-May & 30-May £123.00


Knitting - Beginner & Improvers

Is knitting always something you’ve wanted to try, but have no idea where to start? Do you know the basics but want to improve your skills?

Have you a burning desire to hear knitting needles mindfully click away whilst you make gorgeous gifts for your family and friends?

Or are you just in need of a new jumper or two?

No matter what the reason our knitting course has the skills to fulfil your ambitions.

From learning the basics; including casting on & off and basic knit & purl stitches, to reading a pattern, creating your own designs and the importance of tension swatches, your teacher, Sandi, has many years of experience and will nurture your skills to help you achieve your project goals. Expect lots of advice and tips, all at your own pace and within a small, friendly, supportive group.


Introduction to Knitting 
Course Code Day Time Start End Fee
MC115 Tues 19.30-21.30 21-Sep 19-Oct £56.00
MC215 Tues 19.30-21.30 2-Nov 30-Nov £56.00
Knitting For Improvers
Course Code Day Time Start End Fee
MC315 Tues 19.30-21.30 11-Jan 8-Feb £56.00

Calligraphy is a pleasing and exacting craft, involving historical knowledge. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip pen or brush and modern calligraphy ranges from functional inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the letters may or may not be legible.

First time students receive introductory talk on the background of calligraphy, the tools and their use. This will include a demonstration of the first script to be learnt – Foundation Hand. They will be taught individually by demonstration and begin to form letters of the alphabet at their own pace. Students attending for their second / third term will begin a more complex piece using one or both of the scripts learnt during the previous term(s). This piece will also involve decoration, graphic or illustrational. It is expected to last five or six weeks. They will have the choice of learning a new script. Regular students will discuss and plan with the tutor their term’s project. This will be based on their own choice of lettering, design and content but will be directed and advised by the tutor.

£15 Taster Courses
Course Code Day Time Start End Fee
MC109 Wed 13.00-15.00 8-Sep 8-Sep £15.00
MC209 Wed 13.00-15.00 12-Jan 12-Jan £15.00


Calligraphy Courses
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MC108 Wed 12.30-15.00 8-Sep 8-Dec 27-Oct £145.00
MC208 Wed 12.30-15.00 12-Jan 30-Mar 16-Feb £123.00
MC308 Wed 12.30-15.00 20-Apr 13-Jul 1-Jun £135.00


Flower Arranging Course

Simple ideas for a variety of occasions, dinner parties, presents etc. Suitable for beginners to intermediates. Students will need to bring their own equipment, flowers etc. The first class will be a demonstration and will cover technique and advice on choice of materials. A list of requirements for future sessions will be handed out at the first class.

Christmas Wreaths: Come and learn how to make an eye-catching fresh festive door wreath and Christmas table centre, using seasonal foliage, flowers, cones, baubles… A list of flowers and materials required will be provided in advance of each session.

Flower Arranging Courses
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MC110 Fri 10.00-12.00 10-Sep 10-Dec 29-Oct £126.00
MC210 Fri 10.00-12.00 14-Jan 1-Apr 18-Feb £99.00
MC310 Fri 10.00-12.00 22-Apr 15-Jul 3-Jun £109.00


Christmas Wreath Courses
Course Code Day Time Start End Fee
MC111 Sat 10.00-13.00 4-Dec 4-Dec £26.00
MC112 Sat 14.00-17.00 4-Dec 4-Dec £26.00



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