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Singing Courses

I Wish I Could Continue Singing

For those who have done all the `Wish Sing’ courses, and want to further improve their voices, knowledge of repertoire, general music knowledge, and to gain some experience of solo as well as ensemble singing. However, the class is also suitable for those who have some previous singing experience, but need to gain confidence. A different aspect of the repertoire is highlighted each term, as well as some moderately easy ensembles. The class is extremely friendly and supportive.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MD111 Thurs 7:30pm - 9pm 9-Sep 9-Dec 28-Oct £107.00
MD211 Thurs 7:30pm - 9pm 13-Jan 31-Mar 17-Feb £91.00
MD311 Thurs 7:30pm - 9pm 21-Apr 14-Jul 2-Jun £99.00
Malden Community Choir

If you would like to sing in a group, sing in simple parts, sing several different styles of song, you can experience some of the enjoyment – and the difficulties – of this type of singing in this class. Training in vocal development, part singing, blending and small solo spots will be given. In the Spring term one work will be prepared. It will be a Gilbert & Sullivan opera or similar, to be performed in a semi-staged version at the end of term. Chorus parts will be given out in advance, so, if you are interested, please contact the tutor regarding this.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MD107 Wed 7:30pm - 9pm 8-Sep 8-Dec 27-Oct £93.00
MD207 Wed 7:30pm - 9pm 12-Jan 30-Mar 16-Feb £78.00
MD307 Wed 7:30pm - 9pm 20-Apr 13-Jul 1-Jun £85.00
Malden Centre Orchestra

Are you passionate about music? This class offers an exciting opportunity to play great symphonic music in a friendly group under the lead of an experienced conductor. In this class you will enjoy playing a wide variety of pieces selected from the orchestral repertoire. There is no formal audition but conductor approval is required for any new members.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MD104 Thurs 10.00-12.00 9-Sep 9-Dec 28-Oct £126.00
MD204 Thurs 10.00-12.00 13-Jan 31-Mar 17-Feb £107.00
MD304 Thurs 10.00-12.00 21-Apr 14-Jul 2-Jun £116.00



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