Our Members Tell Us Why They Love Swimming At Our Place


Our members tell us why they #LoveSwimming at our Place

There are so many great health benefits to swimming, including improving stamina, cardiovascular health and being a relatively low impact and low stress workout on your body. 

However, when you're an adult, learning to swim can be quite daunting. Whatever your reason for not learning to swim previously, we are here to help you out and give you the opportunity to develop this great life skill. With qualified and enthusiastic instructors that love to see people thrive in the water, you'll be in safe hands! We have adult swimming lessons weekly at Maltby Leisure Centre:

  • Wednesday at 11:35am - 1pm 
  • Wednesday at 8pm – 9pm

We have some amazing members at our Centres, and we love to hear and share your stories about how you #LoveSwimming! 

Get in touch! Tag is in your #LoveSwimming posts on social media and share with us your story! 

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"In brief – I had a car accident that broke nearly every bone in my body except my back, neck and right arm, I also developed ankylosing spondylitis and two flattened discs in the lower part of my back. Due to my disabilities, swimming is the only exercise I can do, even when I'm not having a good day due to my aches and pains, I go swimming.

It was hard to start swimming again due to the lack of my left elbow, damaged feet and constant pains and strains in my back. I could only do a few lengths at first, which left me exhausted, but the water helps hold my body and relax it. I can now do around 30 minutes (around 40 lengths) before my body says it’s too much, but I feel so full of life after a session.

I feel like I have achieved a goal when I have been swimming, and I have also lost 2 stone as I'm not sat at home feeling sorry for myself and eating cake. If, like me, you struggled to find an exercise that works, swimming is the way forward."

"I had always been able to swim a little bit. At school I got my 25-yard certificate. When this new pool opened about 3 years ago, I started to come and improve my health with swimming as I have arthritis in my knee and can’t walk very far, I am also diabetic and COPD. Swimming has improved my lung capacity and kept my diabetes at bay. With the help of Shirley, an instructor at the pool, I go 3 times a week! I am 75 years old and I absolutely love swimming, I think nothing of swimming 50 lengths in my hour and feel so much better (exhilarated) when I return home.”


"After 19 years of employment with the same company I decided to take redundancy. I've always loved swimming and the freedom it gives me, so I decided that I owed it to myself to take some time before embarking on my next career move and therefore, I've taken advantage of signing up for a monthly pass. I used to swim regularly at Aston a few years ago and have always felt so comfortable there. I am thrilled to see some of the same staff. I'm swimming around 4-5 times a week and I'm swimming for an hour each time. Although I'm not the fastest I feel that this is the ideal sport for me (they say everybody has one). 18 Months ago, I underwent a total knee replacement and in the short time that I have been a member again I can already feel such a difference with it."


"I suffered from an ear infection as a child so was never allowed to go swimming. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I became a “competent” swimmer able to swim a basic attempt of a breaststroke. At 58 I joined the swimming lessons at Maltby Leisure Centre and within 6 months could swim both the breaststroke and crawl correctly. Unfortunately, before I had chance to move on to the Butterfly and Backstroke, I had my right leg amputated and didn’t swim for 8 months. The Limb Centre taught me how to get in and out of the pool and exercises to stop the hip to my stump ceasing up. Helen, Rachel and Marie at Maltby Leisure Centre have got me back into swimming. My breaststroke is back, I can swim back stroke in the style of breaststroke, and I am currently working on my crawl. Allowing me in the pool also gives me the opportunity to exercise my hip. At 62 this is the only real exercise I am currently getting and as a result managed to hold my weight. I can’t thank Maltby Leisure Centre enough for allowing me to use their swimming facilities and continuing to teach me to swim better.”