Mini and Me Class Review

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Mini and Me Fitness Class - A review by Emily

My name's Emily, and I work for Places Leisure. I thought i'd give a quick review on the Mini and Me session at Rotherham Leisure Complex.

Since the birth of my little boy and being a first time mum, it got a little overwhelming and you lose abit of yourself along the way. Having always worked out prior to having my little man, I had to give myself a little talking too to get myself back working out and help shift the extra pounds that just didnt want to say goodbye! But the biggest dilemma for me was not wanting to leave my little boy.

Mini and Me gave me the option to work out and have the little one with me at the same time. It was great to socalise with other mums, giving myself some adult conversation so I knew I wasn't going mad. It also gave me some time to build myself back up again whilst being able to 'Cue' over the little one.

Some weeks he literally wanted to be attached to my hip, it wasn't an issue though, it just added extra weight to my workout and made me sweat alot more. At the very beginning having to run around with the buggy was a good way of getting him off to sleep whilst getting some cardio in.

The beauty of this class was the flexibility, the understanding and support from Katy the instructor who would work with us all and encourage us having kids of her own, she Totally got it!

Katy constantly interacts with both adults and children, giving you a good workout along the way, good advise and she really does encourage you to hang in there and keep going. The relaxed environment and welcoming feel really is priceless. 

Me and the little man made this a weekly trip, something to look forward to, something to get out of the house for and made me more confident and feeling fit again building me back up and allowing me to workout more upon my return to work. I would definately recommend this class to all new mums, its a winner for you and the little one. 

The best bit is that the little man still attends this class a year later but with his Grandma in tow, showing that all ages and abilities are welcome to attend the class. 

Fancy giving it a try?

Mini and Me runs every Thursday 9.30 AM.
£3.50 per session.