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Our programmes support recovery, rehabilitation and your overall health and wellbeing. 


Exercise on Referral

If you have suffered physical or mental health issues illness or recently had an operation our exercise on referral sessions may help you get back into fitness. 

Our friendly, dedicated and specially trained staff at The Triangle will provide ongoing support during a 12-week programme. You will agree a personal plan together which considers your medical conditions, preferences and interests, and your lifestyle.

The 12-week programme costs £75.00 (including induction and unlimited access to the gym during specific supervised sessions throughout the 12-week period and swimming during all welcome sessions), or £10 induction fee plus £4.50 per gym session. On successful completion of the scheme, continued membership is available. Term & Conditions apply.


How can I be referred?

You’ll need a ‘prescription to exercise’ from your doctor or health professional to get started and our instructors will support you through your sessions.  They will consider whether or not a referral to the scheme is appropriate.

If Exercise on Referral is considered appropriate in supporting improvements to your health, they will complete a referral form.  You will be given the completed form, please contact The Triangle to arrange your initial consultation with our team. Please note that you cannot be accepted onto the scheme without a referral from your GP or other health professional.

If you would like any more information on the scheme you can contact our Healthy Communities Manager or call 01444 457337


Cancer rehabilitation

Open to cancer patients who are either undergoing treatment or in recovery. It is a 12-week course that focuses on gradually re-building physical activity, strength and stamina but also offers specialist advice and confidence building required after diagnosis.

Patients will require a referral from either their GP, Macmillan nurse or consultant to be put on the scheme. Following their referral, they will receive one-to-one consultation and ongoing support, followed by tailored fitness classes and group sessions. Participants are encouraged to attend when they feel able, as it is understood that treatments and symptoms may prevent a regular schedule.


Back on Track 

Are you suffering from back pain? Join our weekly exercise session to improve your core stability, balance and posture. Our trained exercise referral specialists will work with you to help reduce strains, pains and increase joint function, and give you overall improved strength. This workout concentrates on utilising the abdominal muscles, the back and your mid section to build muscle strength and help protect you from injury.  

  • Thurdays 5.00pm - 5.45pm 
  • Studio 1
  • Lorraine
  • Members: FREE / Non Members £4.90 

To book please contact us on 01444 457337


A 6 week aquatic journey to support you back into activity incorporating access to pool based activity sessions and swimming, also includes 1 aqua class and 1 gym session.  For more information and the list of participating referrers give us a call on 01444 457337.


Shape Up

Shape-Up is an innovative lifestyle programme to help adults manager their weight, improve their health and enhance their quality of life. The evidence-based workbook and structured programme was devised by experts in psychology, nutrition and exercise to maximise chances of success.

It's not a programme that people start and then finish a few weeks later. Shape-up gives people the skills and knowledge that will help them carry on with a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. It helps people take control of their weight, understand their eating patterns and learn how to deal with temptations, as well as guiding them practically about everything from what to eat, how to shop, what to order in restaurants and much more!


Speak with our health and wellbeing team today on 01444 457337 or enquire here 


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