Mobile transition FAQ

Vodafone Sims


The objective is to transition all mobile phone numbers (MPNs) and associated mobile voice & data services from the existing Vodafone supplier to Daisy’s selected Mobile Network Operator Vodafone with as limited operational impact as is achievable.

Implementation Schedule

Your Transfer date: To be confirmed


When will my transfer begin?

The start of the network transfer will begin between 09:00 and 14:00 on the chosen date.

Will I need to change my sim?

We do not expect SIM changes as you are not moving network provider (i.e. O2 to Voda etc)

Will my service Calls & 3G Data Service be affected?

As a rule voice, SMS and voicemail services remain active through Voda to Voda migrations and users should not expect service disruption.

Regarding data access we advise that you stay logged onto Wi-Fi (where available) on the day of transfer as there may be data service disruption when migrating from the current Service Provider to Daisy – note; this is typically limited to under a couple of hours and Daisy will ensure the service is resumed ASAP.

How will I know that my service has changed across to the new Service Provider?

As outlined above services remain active through transition and users typically migrate to our platform with limited or zero indication. Daisy actively monitor progress throughout transfer date(s) and can advise assigned Places Leisure service contacts as required. 

For data users, a clear indication of a completed migration is access to 3G/4G services at the end of the transfer date.

If you lose your service please ensure that you Reboot/Power cycle your device and test before reporting an issue as this should refresh your voice & Data on the network.


Voicemail is generally the last service to transfer, although not a common occurrence you may need to re-record your greeting. Please ensure that you keep a note of your PIN as this may be requested when accessing your voicemail after the migration.