Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information to customers

Updated 19th March 2020

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and following the advice provided by Public Health England (PHE). In addition, we are working very closely with our industry governing body ukactive and other gym operators in the UK.

We are committed to providing our customers with a safe and hygienic space to exercise in and we are taking this situation extremely seriously. Our colleagues have been extensively briefed on the actions they need to take, according to Government guidance, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

You can find out about the actions we are taking to keep our customers safe and how we are responding to coronavirus in the following FAQs:

What action are we taking to keep customers and staff safe and well?

We are taking additional precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all our customers and colleagues – this is our number one priority. In line with PHE guidance, we have increased the level of cleaning and hygiene in our facilities, including:

  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitisation, especially high touch areas such as door handles, lockers, equipment, counter surfaces, etc.
  • Ensuring soap dispensers and hand sanitisers remain filled, subject to our suppliers keeping up with demand
  • Encouraging our customers to self-clean gym, studio and other equipment before and after use
  • Educating and reminding customers and colleagues of the importance of good hygiene

We have advised all colleagues on what to do when returning from foreign travel, in line with PHE recommendations.

If we are made aware of a suspected instance of coronavirus at a facility, we will report the issue immediately to PHE and act on their guidance. PHE will advise us whether a facility closure for a deep clean is required.

What can customers do to help?

Let’s work together to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

We encourage you to help reduce the spread of the virus through good personal hygiene. This includes:

  • Frequent hand washing (wash your hands for 20 seconds) and hand sanitising during your visits
  • Making full use of the soap, sanitisers and cleaning items available
  • Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of the tissue in the bin after use
  • Familiarise yourself with the latest guidance from PHE and do not visit the facility if you are displaying symptoms of coronavirus and are advised to self-isolate
  • Follow Government guidance if you are a returning traveller

We are monitoring the situation closely in all of our facilities and hygiene is the number one priority for our teams.

If you need personal health advice specifically in relation to coronavirus, please call the NHS 111 service. 

Is it safe to visit your facilities?

Yes! In addition to the extra efforts we are making to ensure the facilities are clean and hygienic, we would like to emphasise the vital role that exercise and activity play in maintaining a strong immune system. Being fit and healthy helps to fight many infections and we encourage you to lead active lives throughout this period. You can read more reasons to keep exercising here.

However, if you are uncertain about continuing to use our facilities, we do understand. We’d love you to stay active though, so please remember that you can use our Places Locker App to record your walking, running or cycling activity. If you’ve got some hand weights and a mat at home, you could also download a workout too – so you’ll still be able to log your MOVES and remain fit and healthy.

And what about your swimming pools?

In fact, when it comes to swimming the Pool Water Advisory Group, who have also been working closely with Public Health England, have said that their national leads “confirm that coronavirus would be inactivated at the levels of chlorine used in swimming pools". Additional information can be found here.

Can I freeze my membership for free?

We understand that at this current time, some members may not wish to use the facilities and other members may need to self-isolate to prevent the virus from spreading, so we have waived the usual fee to freeze a membership for all current members for a minimum  of 1 month and up to 6 months while this situation continues. This means that you do not have to cancel and won’t need to pay a joining fee when you return.

To freeze or cancel your membership, please contact your home site and they will ask your name and membership number.

What about swimming lessons and courses e.g. gymnastics and trampolining?

We understand that at this current time, some parents may not wish their children to attend lessons/courses and some may be restricted by self-isolation to prevent the virus from spreading. We have therefore waived the usual fee to freeze your lessons/course and your place will be held while this situation continues. This means that you do not have to cancel and won’t need to pay a joining fee when you return. 

To freeze or cancel your membership, please contact your home site and they will ask your name and membership number.

Are facilities open and operating as normal?

Yes! We have increased the level of cleaning and hygiene in our facilities to ensure they remain safe to train in. We do understand that customers are concerned about the coronavirus so please follow the instructions within the facilities on how to keep yourself and others safe.

The advice to the public also applies to our colleagues, so there may be occasions where they need to stay at home. While we always strive to limit the inconvenience caused by a short-notice cancellation, we would encourage you to check our website and social media to remain up to date with any changes to our timetables and services.

I have contacted the NHS 111 helpline and have been advised to self-isolate – what do I need to do?

PHE has provided advice on self-isolation here.


Further information and support

This is an evolving situation and customers are asked to continue to visit and regularly check the following websites for the latest updates and guidance:


We will keep this webpage updated with any new information.