Private swimming lessons

Thank you for learning to swim with us - we’re proud to work with the Swim England and their framework in teaching the nation to swim.

Learning to swim is a great experience for everyone and through increased knowledge you or your children will not only learn a lifesaving skill but also be able to enjoy an activity throughout childhood and into adult life that will be invaluable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our swimming lesson programme is based on the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway.

Our lessons focus on the fundamentals of swimming and we promote quality not quantity, every child is an individual and may progress at different speeds. Awards are available at different points throughout the programme and you will be informed by the site when your child has achieved each one.

All of our teachers are fully qualified – if your usual teacher is unable to teach the lesson then the site will try to find a cover teacher. If a cover teacher is unable to be arranged; your child will be offered the opportunity to take part in a group lesson instead.  If you are paying by Direct Debit your future payment will be amended to reflect the missed private lesson.

If you choose not to bring your child to the lesson due to any reason (including illness); we regret to inform you that your payment will remain the same and you will not be refunded for the missed lesson.

During your child’s private lesson; they will not have sole use of the pool. It will be shared with other lessons or public sessions.

What to wear?

Children should wear practical swimming costumes (for girls) or non-baggy shorts (for boys). When purchasing swimwear for lessons, please consider the practicalities of swimming – costumes should not restrict movement in any way or cause additional drag in the water. We have a great range of children’s swimwear available in reception from Zoggs, designed with swimming in mind. 

Every child should wear the swimming hat provided to their lessons. Each child will receive a hat free of charge when they start lessons. If you need to purchase a new hat there will be a charge of £1 for every extra one.

The ASA recommends that children learn how to swim both with and without goggles so we also recommend that your child has a well fitted pair of goggles for lessons. Swimming in goggles helps avoid irritation to the eyes, meaning children are happy spending longer in the water. They also help build confidence in underwater skills. Getting the right pair is key, to avoid time wasted in the pool fiddling with straps or emptying out a leaky pair!! Please ask our reception team to help your child find the perfect pair to fit their face. 

Should the alarm sound during the lessons, please remain calm as our staff are trained to deal with such emergencies. The teachers will ensure the safety of the children in their class and will carry out the appropriate evacuation. In the event of a fire alarm, all spectators will need to evacuate by the nearest fire exit where you will be reunited with your child at the assembly point.

Under 8’s Policy
We operate a policy whereby every child under the age of 8 must be supervised by a parent or adult (ages 16+) at all times. The ratio of adults to children under 8 when in the water varies so please contact reception to confirm.

On-line access to monitor your child’s performance and enable you to move them on completion of each stage/level.

Once you have enrolled onto lessons:

  1. Click here where you will need to follow the steps for first time registration; you will need to have at hand YOUR (parent/guardian) membership number, date of birth and postcode.
  2. Once registered you will be able to clearly track your child’s progress against key competencies and choose suitable days and times as they progress through stages and into new classes. 

On arrival
Ensure you arrive in good time for your lesson, recent feedback from parents said they would recommend a good 10 minutes to get children ready and on poolside on time. Ensure you don’t leave any of your clothes or bags in the changing rooms and use the lockers provided. Please ensure your child has visited the toilet prior to getting into the pool.

Please take your child, once they are ready for their lesson, to the signposted ‘Drop off point’ area just before the start time. From here their teacher will collect them and take the register. Once your child is with the teacher please exit poolside where you can continue to watch the lesson in the viewing areas.

During the lesson
Parents/guardians are requested to remain in the viewing areas throughout the duration of the lesson. Why not grab a coffee beforehand? Whilst watching your child please ensure any young children are kept a safe distance away from the pool and under your constant supervision. If your child is under 8 and they need the toilet during the lesson you will need to take them.

Continuous assessment
During the lesson the teacher uses the latest technology to update your child’s progress throughout the lesson against the key competencies for their level e.g. Travel on the back for 5 metres, aids or equipment may be used.

End of the lesson
Please be ready at the signposted ‘pick up point’ at the end of the lesson where the teacher will bring your child to once the lesson has finished.

Swim England awards scheme

Click here to view the Swim England awards website.