That first swim lesson

What do you need?

It is always a little daunting heading for that first swimming lesson whether you are dropping off your little one or taking on the challenge yourself. Here is a little tick list to make sure you don’t forget those must haves!

Swimming Costume – We’ve all done it, got to the pool and realised you packed everything except your costume! If you’re worried you’ll forget it, why not put it on before you leave the house, this will also save time getting ready at the pool. If you do put it on before you leave the house just remember your underwear for afterwards!

Goggles – Some people prefer to swim with goggles and others without. Never found the right goggles? Head to the Zoggs goggle fit guide to ensure you have the right fit for you

Shampoo and Conditioner – Swim caps are designed to keep hair away from the face and act as a barrier against chlorine but, but it may not block every last drop so it can be a good idea to have a shower straight after your swim, and wash away all the remaining chlorine.

Bottle of Water – When you are swimming, as with any exercise, you’re raising your body temperature and your body responds by sweating. You are less likely to notice it in the pool as the sweat is immediately washed away, but this makes it even more important to hydrate, to avoid over heating in a warm pool. To rehydrate properly you should drink over 200ml every 20 minutes unless you're in the pool for less than half an hour.

Coin/Padlock – Another one we always miss! Place a £1 coin, trolley coin or a padlock in the pocket of your bag (whatever your site requires) before you leave home to avoid having to pop out to reception in your towel and costume because you forgot one.

Use this checklist and pack your bag the night before so you are not trying to rush around before you head to work or take the kids to school. Most importantly don’t stress! If you forget something, your local centre has a great selection of swim essentials. What are you waiting for? Ready to kick-start your swimming journey, head down to your local centre today.

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