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Are your goggles always steaming up or leaking? Is there simply just too much choice? Well, Zoggs are here to help with their top tips on finding the perfect goggle for you! Goggles are all shapes and sizes, the trick is to find the goggles that fit your face and eyes, while making sure you feel great and stylish in the water.

Try our 3 quick steps to finding the perfect goggle:

Step 1 – Seal

A common myth is that “tightening the strap means you will get a good fit and the goggles won’t leak”. In fact, the goggle strap is designed to hold the goggle in place, not to provide the seal. While the strap may need to be adjusted so it’s not falling off, you must resist pulling it too tight. Not only will pulling too tight likely provide you with a headache, it will put unnecessary pressure on the eye socket and leave you with those famous ‘panda eyes’.

To test the seal of a goggle, place the goggles against your face/eye socket and press lightly. If you feel a split second of suction from the goggles, that is a strong indication they are a good fit

Step 2 – Fit

After you have found the goggle that gives the best seal, carefully fit the strap. Remember not to pull this to tight, it is to only keep the goggle in place. Once the strap has been adjusted, there are two particular areas that should be focused on:

  • Nose Bridge – Check the goggles fit comfortably around the nose, for example they are not digging in or feel too tight. It’s also good to check they are still creating a good seal around the nose.
  • Seal – Although you have checked this already, it is good to double check once the strap has been adjusted to ensure the goggles are sitting comfortable around and in the corner of your eyes.

Tip: Still worried about the seal? While the goggles are on your face, get a friend or family member to look at the bottom of the goggle and check for any light or gaps that could cause leaks.

Step 3 – Style

Although it is crucial that the goggle fits properly, it’s important you feel comfortable and confident in the goggles as well. There are two key goggle frames:

  • Low Profile – normally sit within the eye socket
  • Standard Profile – sit wider within or just around the eye socket

If you find one of these profiles work better for you through the previous two steps, we would suggest trying 2–3 different models (with a similar profile). This allows you to compare fit and comfort to make the right choice. Why not head to your local centre to see their selection?

Still worried you haven’t found the perfect goggle? Zoggs have launched a goggle fitting app for their new Predator Range, one of the first goggle ranges to offer two sizes – Small or Regular. The Small is designed to fit inside the eye socket while the large sits outside the eye socket. Try out the app today to find out which size will work best for you. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Goggle Play Store or can be accessed here.

There won’t be any more misting or leaking interruptions to your swim and you’ll be reaching those swim goals in no time! Head down to your local centre today to check out the latest Zoggs goggle range.


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