Time to get practicing

Tips outside lessons

Are you looking to support your little ones through their swimming journey? Or are you just starting out yourself and wanting to practice your swim technique? Zoggs have some top tips and tricks on how to get that essential practice in whether you are swimming casually or competitively!

For the little swimmers

At the early stage, it is all about getting the little ones used to the water. The more comfortable and relaxed they are, the easier they will find it reaching those crucial steps in their swim journey. However, make sure they take it at their own pace, everyone learns at different speeds and sometimes moving too fast can have negative effects. At the early stage, it's still important to take them to the pool just to get them used to the feeling of the water. A trainer set and swim ring can be great for this. Pull them slowly around in the water encouraging them to splash their hands and kick their feet, this will get them used to the movement and floatation of the water.

Once they are becoming more confident and beginning to attempt different swim strokes, it will be beneficial to take them to the pool between lessons to reinforce skills they are learning with their swim teachers. A swim jacket can be a great addition to this stage, particularly the Zoggs Water Wings Vest. This jacket is great to encourage and help kids practice their swim stroke. Foam floats can place them in a natural swimming position, supporting them to trust the natural flotation of the water. Pair this with seal flips or Zoggy Soakers that can be used for a 'throw and retrieve' game to create a positive and fun association with swimming. One they have the technique and they are more confident, it is still key to keep them practicing ensuring they keep the skills fresh in their mind.

For some 'me' time

You may have just got around to learning to swim, looking to get some practice in before that next competition or just swimming casually. Either way, a great way to practice your technique is to isolate separate areas of your technique, this can also help break up the usual length after length of freestyle or breaststroke.

Isolating areas of the body while you are swimming is not only a good way of perfecting technique but it will focus your energy on building muscles in other areas. Practicing your kick is great if you are only just getting into swimming or if you are looking to build strength in your quads, glutes, abs and hamstrings. A kick board is great for this, or if you are a beginner and need that extra support - a Zoodle can also be great use for this. Hold the kick board out in front of you or place the Zoodle under your arms, then start kicking from the hips while keeping the knees soft.

If you want to work on arm technique, the Zoggs Pull Buoy is a great way of isolating the supper body allowing you the freedom to practice your swim stroke. The Pull Buoy helps improve technique, build strength in your chest, back and shoulders ultimately helping you to become fitter and faster in the water. Places the pull buoy between your thighs and when swimming, keep your ankles relaxed and toes pointed. It helps elevate the legs and body position to allow you to focus on all the swim strokes.

Whether you are just starting out, want to increase your fitness or supporting your little one through their swim journey - the key is practice, practice, practice. Head down to your local centre today - there's no time like the present! Want more advice on how to use the products mentioned in this long? Head to the Zoggs UK YouTube channel to get some great tips!

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