Us girls definitely can!

Let's celebrate and champion women's sport by enjoying getting together and being active!

We want to encourage women to get involved in sport, whether that’s playing, coaching or working in one of our active Places.

From women's specific swimming and squash programmes to local football, netball and hockey clubs, we have something to inspire girls of all ages and abilities.

Play a sport

We all know it can be really hard to fit exercise into an already busy week but we want to encourage you to do a bit more exercise. Whether it’s gymnastics, swimming or squash we have a sport for you! 

Here's just a few sports activities that we think you will love to get involved in:

  • This Girl Can Swim - Enjoy a relaxing swim at your own pace, meet new people and get the most out of your swim for both your body and mind.
  • Squash Girls Can - Fun beginner sessions for women and girls. Whether it’s the first time you’ve picked up a racket or a while since you’ve set foot on court, be prepared to be hooked!
  • Gymnastics - Un wind by taking part in gymnastics! Why not have fun and keep fit? Discover gymnastics now
  • Trampolining - Enjoy giving your muscles a great workout! Whether you feel like improving your skills or trying it for the first time we’ll have something for you. Discover trampoline gymnastics here
  • Workout classes - Get into a groove and find your perfect class at your nearest Place! Attending one of our classes is a fun and social activity. 

If it’s with your friends, on your own, or to meet new people, your nearest Place has something for everyone. 

Coach a sport

If competing or taking part is not for you coaching is a great way to get involved with sport. We offer training courses in swimming, lifeguarding, gymnastics and trampolining. Maybe you have some previous knowledge, or maybe you’re fed up of watching your children have all the fun, and want to get involved. Local Clubs are always looking for an extra pair of hands, and will sometimes fund the relevant qualifications. What better way to be involved, than to coach the athletes of the future? Find out what clubs train at your local centre.

Work in sport 

If you really want to make a difference, working in sport can be very rewarding and is definitely a way to motivate you to becoming all you can be! Click here to check out our current vacancies.

Let’s celebrate, create a buzz and shout about women’s sport and just get us females to learn, like, love, live sport! 
This Girl Can