Joining the team

Getting started

Welcome to Places for People Leisure

Congratulations – you are one of the 15% of the population committed to activity – we think this makes you pretty special.  Thanks for choosing our places to be active.

We’re a social enterprise, with over 100 centres all committed to getting the nation active.  We aim to make this as simple as possible for you, so you can spend your time enjoying and varying your activity.  These are the reasons you’ll hit your goals - please remember that our teams on site are always available to help you do that.

Our website allows you to view timetables, book, view opening hours, get in touch or just familiarise yourself with the site and the activities that go on within it. Log in using the link above.

A quick recap of our popular membership and their benefits:

This membership allows you access to both gym, pool and classes – that’s why we call it premium. And with it are a host of benefits.  You get all the benefits we've describe for our Swim Only and Gym Only Members.


Our introduction is optional, it’s just 15 minutes – our way of saying hello and getting you started. We recommend it, we know some of you just want to get going so we do make it optional.

Our team may have already mentioned Your Journey, but just in case they haven’t it’s free for you.  Your Journey incorporates up to three 1-on-1 sessions, every elite athlete has a coach so why not utilise ours.  Have you not booked yet? Then simply ask at your centre.

Do you love classes?  14 days advanced booking means you can get to your favourite class – and maybe try some new ones. And don't forget you can book online or via our Places Locker App.


Did you know swimming is the nation’s most popular participation activity? Swimming offers you a full body workout, burns calories and is fantastic for de-stressing.

Enjoy lane sessions for fitness, or come along with the family for one of our family sessions. Or just swim.

Do you want to monitor and track your progress, access aids and training tools, join challenges or compete with others? That’s quite a list, but SWIMTAG, our wearable band, let’s you do all of this.

Using SWIMTAG you can also access Rule the Pool, and on a weekly basis you can submit your fastest 400m, any stroke, during any public access sessions – with results uploaded every Sunday night.

Simply ask at reception for SWIMTAG – free to our Swim Only members.

Lessons and Courses

We deliver approximately 80,000 lessons & courses in our centres, and we’re proud to work in partnership with national governing bodies.

We firmly believe that an active child has a greater chance of being an active adult, the 20,000 under 8’s that swim for free each year are testament to that.

You are also never too old to learn. 

Find out more about lessons and courses 


*Membership options, activities and lessons vary by centre.